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Create an Ecological Garden


Provide variable habitats
I already mentioned earlier, that you can benefit by an ecological garden. A high biodiversity is a key factor to maintain ecosystems and their functions, as well as protecting them from invasion by foreign species. A high biodiversity also helps in growing crop plants, as well as helping to keep pests under control.
Now, I would like to present you some ideas, what you can do to create variable structure to provide habitat to a lot of diverse organisms (animals, plants and even fungi).
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Give plastic a value again!


updated 07.Apr.2019

Nowadays, we find plastic everywhere. Almost each article in the supermarkets is packed in plastic. Often, single articles in a bigger package are each packed in single plastic covers as well. Glass bottles are old-fashioned and reusable plastic bottles become less and less used. Finally, all plastic ends as recycling waste and will be reused. But will it really be reused?
Unfortunately, many people don't take it very accurate with recyclable plastic waste and throw plastic simply into the residual waste or not recyclable waste into recyclable waste. But this is also a problem of education of the public and a problem of profit-oriented waste recovery. A yogurt cup for example, should be separated from its aluminum lid because an automatic separation is not possible. But a manual separation of such combined waste pieces is not profitable enough. Thus, such waste pieces will be delivered to the residual waste, even though all components would be recyclable.

A much bigger problem is, that waste is a kind of economic good and it is sold to foreign countries. Vast numbers of recyclable waste is transferred to foreign countries, even though it is forbidden to trade with waste, at least in Germany. But companies have come up with a clever idea: the waste is declared as resource and traded as such. There, it can be recycled with much lower environmental specifications, cheap and polluting - or as often the case: burned or even just deposited somewhere or even at the coasts where the tide cares for the "outlet" of the waste. Click here to see the complete content.