interactive Tree of Life


This project is thought to become an universal library for all biological information about organisms, no matter whether animals, plants and fungi or maybe even microorganisms like algae and bacteria in future. But it is not only a library or archive gathering as much information as possible and providing it in a scientific quality. One can use it as a compendium for species identification and a browser to find species with desired features like their habitat, their food or even their color.

But those features shouldn't be exclusively for professionals such as biologists. It is designed for an easy use even by amateurs and enthusiasts and provides additional information on all kinds of properties. Though it is that detailed and represented to support also experts in what ever information they need. We have also plans to develop a picture based species recognition, for species in our database. Even if it is one of most challenging intentions, we are confident to realize it once we finished most of the other features that are more essential for the use of this web page.
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