Specify Bythiospeum


The mollusks fauna of Germany has been already well investigated and taxonomically classified since several decades, although there has been some changes due to genetic analysis more recently. But there are some genus where no defined species concept seem to exist because there are only few data available. One of those genus is Bythiospeum (Boethers 1984, Haase 1995, Bichain, Boisselier-Dubayle et al. 2007).
Due to new methods like genetic analysis and digital measuring methods combined with geometric morphometrics, it is possible to get more and new information about this genus (Bookstein 1996, Andrea 2014).
In the frame of an advanced course in applied bioinformatics at the University of Konstanz during the master studies of biological sciences, a project has been contrived, to help people identifying the species of the genus of Bythiospeum. Unfortunately, the results are not correct, yet and the time during this course was too scarce to realize the program. But it seems possible to realize a functional version of this program in the future.
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